Perrinville Teachers Thank LPS Foundation

Dear Board Members of the LPS Foundation,

We wanted to take a moment to email you about the impact that the LPS Foundation Grant has had on our classrooms at Perrinville Early Childhood Center. We were so grateful to be awarded this grant to create a well-balanced classroom.

We were able to purchase a wonderful free standing light table. The children have enjoyed countless moments exploring science and math concepts using this one piece. They have practiced stacking clear cups on top of the table to see how high they can build. They have explored how light can change the color of different objects. We were also able to purchase many manipulatives to go along with this table to help further the children’s exploration.

For one of our classrooms we were able to purchase a huge fish tank that now houses 3 goldfish and a snail. Students can often be found in the middle of playtime taking a quiet second to check on our pets. They are learning responsibility by taking care of the fish on an everyday basis.

Finally we were able to purchase materials to enhance our math and block areas, as well as some literacy and movement CD’s. One of the students’ favorite activities is to explore the letter buckets we purchased. In each bucket there are objects that start with the given letter. Students work on phonics and letter recognition while exploring this manipulative.

Thank you again for selecting our classrooms to receive such a generous gift. We have attached some photos of our students enjoying some of the purchased items. We welcome any board member into our classrooms at any time to witness the impact this grant has had.

Jackie McPherson
Melissa Haapala
Perrinville GSRP Preschool Teachers

Click here to view photos

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