DFCU Financial is in tune with LPS Education Foundation

DFCU Financial and the LPS Education Foundation are in perfect rhythm when it comes to providing learning opportunities for students in Livonia Public Schools.

Financial support such as that from DFCU Financial allows the LPS Education Foundation to offer classroom grants to teachers who vie for these coveted resources.

DFCU representatives saw, heard and felt, first-hand, the impact the classroom grants are making when they recently visited a Kennedy Elementary third-grade music class directed by teacher Don Stromberg.

Students played tubano drums, which were purchased through two grants from the LPS Education Foundation. The World Drumming program, designed by Dr. Will Schmid, is incorporated into the K-4 curriculum.

“The benefits of World Music Drumming involve many skills that will be required in the 21st century workplace, which include critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, and the value of self in the synergy of a group,” stated Stromberg in his grant application. “Drumming also requires students to practice their memorization skills and provides each child an outlet for self-expression. The mind-body-spirit activity has been proven to enhance social skills, mental and emotional health and increase academic performance.”

Research has also shown a strong correlation between music and the development of language arts and mathematical literacy skills.

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