Big shout-out to the Michigan Educational Credit Union!

Marking its 11th year of support for the Livonia Public Schools Education Foundation, the Michigan Educational Credit Union recently presented a generous check for $10,000, which will help support the Competitive Edge College Savings program for LPS families.

MECU is dedicated to the mission of the LPS Education Foundation and has been since 2007. MECU supports the Foundation’s efforts to expand the educational resources for students and assist parents in planning for their children’s post-secondary education.

MECU is a founding partner of the LPS Education Foundation, making its first donation in 2007. The cumulative gifts total $110,000 over that time period.

The LPS Education Foundation’s Competitive Edge program establishes a 529 educational trust account for any LPS parent of a kindergartner who enrolls in the program. An initial $100 gift is made by the Foundation, with additional contributions from the Foundation, as budgets allow. The Foundation currently has nearly 2,500 students enrolled in the program, and MECU has generously donated the funding over the past 11 years to contribute to the accounts of 1,100 students enrolled.

The LPS Education Foundation and the community are grateful and proud to have MECU as a dedicated partner.

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