LPS Staff Serve as Liaisons for the Foundation

A district Champions Program was created to act as a liaison for the Foundation with each building and/or department. Each Champion shares information regarding the Foundation’s activities such as the Grant Program, the Competitive Edge Program, the Back-to-School activity, the Foundation’s Annual Luncheon, and more. The Champions Program continues to help generate and maintain financial support for the Grant Program.

Each year, the Foundation offers incentives to our Champions and we’d like to announce the winners of the $500 incentive for the 2022-23 year!

Congratulations to Grant Elementary School which had the greatest percentage of increase of contributors per capita from last year and Holmes Middle School which had the largest dollar amount of contributions per capita. These awards include one-time and per-paycheck contributions. We’d also like to recognize Coolidge Elementary School with a $100 award for having added so many more new contributors – 10!

Thank you to our Champions for their continued support of the Foundation! We couldn’t do it without them.

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